Perfect Insights was founded to provide a forum for communicating lessons from life experience that seed hope and promote personal growth. Whether promoting these “insights” through the written word, spoken word, or visual art, each insight is a vessel of hope and new beginnings for individuals and organizations.

Vicki Perfect, Founder

I love to think, reflect and create. I love to talk about what others are experiencing on a personal and spiritual level and identify the lesson or lessons being learned. Most importantly,  I try to follow those lessons and see how they transform into a new outlook, new beginning, a personal or business solution, a piece of art, or a speech.

Perfect Insights® educational workshops, seminars and consulting services for individuals and organizations transforming their current lives or business direction. Perfect Insights® focuses on creating a continuum of motivational development–that is personal strengths, competencies, dialogue practices and personal prayer practices – that strengthen inner confidence and courage to sustain growth and change. Perfect Insights® also provides publishing, consultation and support for education materials that support the motivational continuum.

Vicki Perfect founded Perfect Insights, LLC to capitalize on her 30 plus years of leadership experience in human capital development (health care administration, business consulting and non profit management) as well as her passion for stone carving and writing which she credits for teaching her that the catalyst for strength, courage and compassion rest in an “authentic heart and clear soul”. Now she wants to teach you.

“Teach with your life that which you believe, that is your purpose.” – ANONYMOUS

“I believe that each life is a prayer and that sharing our stories is the first step in creating a door for personal and spiritual growth of others.”

Vicki’s Experience:

Vicki currently enjoys semi retirement working on projects that challenge her business acumen, creativity and spiritual pursuits.  She has self published three books of Perfect Prayers,serves as adjunct faculty for Heart to Heart Communications, Akron, Ohio; a leadership development organization that focuses on engaging one’s inner life at work and is an active member of the Lay Associates for the Dominican Sisters of Peace.

She has a son Cory, a beautiful daughter – in – law Kim, and two grandkids, Kayla and Kendall, who refer to her as “hippie grandma”.

Mission Statement:

Perfect Insights provides education and publishing products to those who want to express their life lessons in a written or visual art form. We create a community that shares insights to seed hope and initiate new beginnings.


“Your Growth is Our Business.“