Back from My Stone Carving Break

Back from My Stone Carving Break

I just finished an uplifting unfolding of a phenomenal time out.  I went stone carving in Kansas,  immersed myself for three and half days with  intentions to learn  to use air tools and learn how to carve a relief.  I had some fits and starts but ended up with a decent start on a future limestone flower.

Next I took copious notes on filing and finishing the limestone flower, toured the stone yard, added an alabaster stone to my treasures, loaded the Honda and headed out.  About 25 miles into the return drive I  stopped to walk over the Missouri River in Booneville, Kansas.   C’mon,  how could I pass that up?

IMG_1773 (3) I want to  send my thanks to Myles for a wonderful experience, for bringing together a superb community of stone carvers who unselfishly  shared their passion, their knowledge, their creative insights and simple, authentic presence.

Now that is something I can aspire to….







  1. Thanks for sharing!! You did a great job. Your flower is beautiful, like you!! I always enjoy reading your blog. You are a true gift to us all. : )

    • You are a true blessing! The flow is in process of getting more detail and sanding for its debut. I will post the final when it is done! See you soon.

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