Ready, Set, Go!

Ready, Set, Go!

Summer on the horizon and already new starts and new adventures are inviting our attention.  My neighbor Sharon and I witnessed preparations for the maiden flight of three baby sparrows whose family had nested in the backyard birdhouse. Fortunately for me, Sharon is a super talented photographer and was able to capture the family as they prepared to launch their family into the sparrow community.

It was fascinating to watch – each baby sparrow took turns inching their way  into the sunlight while Mom and Dad, protective and watchful,  kept pushing them back in waiting for the foreigners to leave the scene. It was clear these children would fly today ; and the parents were determined they would be fed and ready when their human audience had left the scene.

The first sparrow up to the window was definitely hungry and most likely not willing to leave on anything but a full stomach. It made me wonder what kind of baby bird talk ensues with the onset of an empty tummy. The other youngster was the more eager, repeatedly testing the footing on his front perch…I suspect he was asking, “Will this really hold?” He appeared groomed and ready and in his excitement would dart back and forth the moment Mom and Dad left the scene. As for the final baby sparrow I would guess this was the most timid.  I could see the youngster was not nearly as wide awake or super groomed for the new world. Still curiosity,  rooted in its DNA, pushed aside any fear, doubt or trepidation that threatened its future.  Like it or not destiny was calling.

After watching for about thirty minutes or so Sharon and I decided it was time to give the family its privacy. We wished them well, hoping against hope that all three baby sparrows made it safely into the air on their first try thereby avoiding the ground and its predators. It’s as much as any of us can hope for.

I returned about ten minutes after Sharon had left and was blessed to watch the last baby fly away…a bit clumsy on the perch, less than graceful on the take off  but a freedom flight success story completed for 2015.  I have to believe  all are enjoying their new found adventure in the bird world.

And with that memory my summer soul connections begin!

What kicked off your summer soul connection? 





  1. well I had quite the opposite experience with my birds in a nest at the top of my front porch pillar. I found broken eggs on the steps so I made an assumption that the nest was now empty and could be knocked down. Much to my dismay when I knocked it down out plopped 5 tiny baby birds who were later eating by the local foxes. I felt nothing short of being a murderer. glad your experience was much more uplifting and a beautiful start to the summer. love you. got your message the other day. Will talk to you soon but off to my family reunion before long so will be gone for a couple of weeks.

    • Wow…that was unexpected. I suspect the mom will be looking for a different nest to lay her eggs in next time. OR you could buy a bird house for your yard to honor the youngsters and point her in that direction next year!

      Have a wonderful family reunion. Talk later my friend!

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