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Do you long to have your values align with your job?  Do you want to follow a dream but feel handcuffed to money, and all the worldly expectations?

Explore the keys to living your life as a mystery that unfolds, not a problem to be solved.  Learn how opening yourself to being vulnerable and  re-establishing  the trust you have in yourself will help you reclaim the legacy you were born to be and become.

Vicki is the author of Perfect Prayers, From My Soul to Yours,  Perfect Prayers, Soul Connected.  and Perfect Prayers, Unfolding Now.  She is an accomplished speaker in the health care industry and has followed her passion from healthcare education through healthcare human resources to her current reinvention as writer, speaker and business owner of Perfect Insights.

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 Women’s Lenten Retreat Experiencing the Cross through the Hearts of Women: Inspiring my own Journey. An opportunity for women of all ages to enrich their personal faith journey during this Lenten season by deepening or rediscovering personal meaning in Christ’s journey during Holy Week. Facilitated by Dorothy Sarachene OP, Vicki Perfect OPA, and Cathy Shew, Heart to Heart Board member.  Don’t miss it!  Register at Heart to Heart Communications.


Now Available !!!


The third in our Series of Perfect Prayers is now available in our Perfect Insights store. This compilation of prayers form Vicki’s own journals focuses on the cycle of unfolding …from Awareness, to Dusk, to Darkness, to Sunrise and into New Light.

Meditative photographs of Vicki’s Stone Carving “Unfolding Now” add a silent contemplative component to the prayers.  Order Now