Unfolding Now: Thank You!

Unfolding Now: Thank You!

Fourteen weeks ago I proclaimed my desire to “move from living my life as a problem to be solved to living my life as a mystery that unfolds.” I needed a daily practice to help me stay the course and allow the mystery to engage all my senses. I chose blogging and asked you to hold me accountable for sustaining that practice throughout the Lenten/Easter season.

IMG_0599Here are principles that came to light and are fast embedding themselves in my unfolding….

Week 1: Unfolding Now  

Let go of over thinking and doubt. Make a commitment. Go public with it. Get your friends involved and check in often.

Week 2: Unscrambling the Sacred

Scared and sacred are present in the same moment; just change perspective, unscramble your emotions and lead with the sacred.

Week 3: Meeting My Elder Within

Optimize your inner child’s joy; your inner adult’s hope; and your inner elder’s wisdom and compassion – for yourself and others.

Week 4: The Embrace Factor

Mindfulness grounds the mystery as it unfolds. Root yourself in its Presence and it will help you “see” your connectedness with the world.

Week 5: Take Time to Celebrate

In gratitude blessings and grace are one. Celebrate everything!

Week 6: Let Someone Inspire You

Everyone wants to be seen, be heard, be vital. Liberate another’s dignity, set their bling free and watch them inspire you.

Week 7: Don’t Forget to be Awesome 

You are awesome. Your mystery is awesome. No need to earn it. Just let it be and watch it create awesome all around you!

Week 8: Honor Your Faith

Awareness without change is just awareness.  Change ushers in mystery; with or without permission. Faith anchors belief; remains stalwart in the face of doubt and discouragement.  Remember your commitment to yourself and your God: be patient, persevere.

Week 9: Just a Thought to Consider

Our lives unfold one moment at a time. Those moments can be absurd, funny, serious, playful, sometimes even solemn. Take time to reflect and enjoy where they take you.

Week 10: Be Safe

Aspiring to wholeness requires that you ensure you are physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually safe wherever you unfold.  Moments are precious, be safe in them.

Week 11: A Prayer Pause 

When you cannot pace yourself; ask God to do it for you.

Week 12: Break and vacate!

Ah yes. Take that break …do that thing you have been wanting to do …NOW.

Week 13: Back From My Stone Carving Break;  

Capture your unfolding, record it and share your revitalization experience!

Week 14: Thank You! 

This is for you –  all my readers — it’s a never-ending thank you …for listening, for keeping me accountable and for being with me on this leg of my unfolding. You are the best!

Seriously thanks everyone and feel free to share your thoughts on these or lessons you may have picked up along the way.  The entire series can be found on the drop down menu for INSIGHTS SHARED  (right hand bar). Click  UNFOLDING for all blogs in this series.

Have a great day and stay soul connected! 







  1. How utterly delightful,inspiring and thought provocing your series has been. It’s clear in reading your summary that you have worked very hard but have also reaped huge rewards. May these beautiful insights stay present in your life each day.
    Love to you my friend. Jennifer
    Now I’m off to practice some safe awsomeness!!

    • November 15, 2016
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    I got good info from your blog

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